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Cycling on Cres Island - Explore Trails for Every Skill Level


The Island of Cres offers a variety of cycling trails that cater to a wide range of tastes and abilities of cyclists. The island hosts a network of trails of different difficulty levels, making cycling accessible and exciting for everyone, whether you are a beginner or an experienced adventurer.

Cycling on the Island of Cres - Discovering Natural Beauties by Pedaling

The trails stretch across the island, providing a unique opportunity to explore different parts of the island. The routes are not only captivating natural beauties but also a challenge for cyclists. They are located on roads that connect Cres settlements, allowing you to experience the richness of the island’s culture and tradition. Along the trails, cyclists pass through various terrains, with different climbs and descents, providing a dynamic riding experience. The length of the trails varies, allowing you to tailor your cycling adventure to your own preferences and physical fitness. As you pedal through the landscape, you will have the opportunity to see traditional Cres settlements, enjoy beautiful views, and perhaps even encounter flocks of sheep grazing freely in the pastures.

Cycling on Cres Difficulty Level - Low

Before embarking on a cycling adventure on the Island of Cres, it is important to prepare. Equip yourself with quality cycling gear, check the condition of the trails, and prepare for the weather conditions. Also, always have a map of the island and water with you to be able to move around the island without problems.

Cycling on Cres Difficulty Level - Medium

In this article, several recommended cycling routes are showcased. However, it is important to emphasize that Cres offers freedom to cyclists to explore the island and ride wherever they wish, creating their own adventures on two wheels. Cyclists can spontaneously decide on their routes, stop at a viewpoint, or discover small coves by the sea.

Cycling on Cres Difficulty Level - High

Cycling on the Island of Cres is not just a sports activity, but also an opportunity for exploration and connection with nature and local culture. With diverse trails that provide an experience for everyone, this island becomes an irresistible destination for cycling enthusiasts who want to experience all the beauties of this gem in the Adriatic Sea. The Island of Cres, with its diversity of landscapes and rich cultural heritage, awaits cyclists to explore all it has to offer. Whether you follow recommended routes or create your own, every bike ride on Cres promises an unforgettable experience.