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Krušćica Beach - A Guide to the Hidden Gem on Cres Island's Eastern Coast


Kruscica Beach

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On the northeastern part of the island of Cres, hidden from the eyes of the majority, is the unique Krušćica beach. This beautiful beach is a true jewel of the eastern coast of Cres, enchanting visitors with its pristine nature and spectacular beauty. One of the most impressive characteristics of Krušćica beach is its special protection as an area of ​​special biodiversity. This decision points to the richness and importance of the biological diversity found around this beach, making it an extremely important and sensitive ecosystem.

Krušćica beach is located in an untouched part of nature, where green forests meet the wonderful blue sea. The sandy bottom of this beach adds to its special appeal, providing visitors with a pleasant experience while swimming or relaxing by the shore. What makes Krušćica beach even more interesting is the fact that you don’t need a boat to reach it, although boats can easily anchor near it. This makes the beach accessible to those who wish to embark on an adventure of exploration on foot, allowing them to fully experience the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

How to get to Krušćica Beach

Kruscica Beach

1. Taking a Car Ride:

2. Turning onto the macadam road:

3. Walking on a sandy path:

Kruscica Beach


It is recommended to wear comfortable and adequate footwear, especially if you decide to explore the beach on foot. Make sure you have enough water and basic research equipment. This slightly more difficult approach to Krušćica beach will definitely be rewarded with the wonderful experience it provides.

If you are looking for a destination that will delight you with its beauty, Krušćica beach on the island of Cres is certainly one of the hidden treasures worth exploring. This beach is an ideal refuge for nature lovers and those looking for peace and tranquility away from the usual tourist destinations

Kruscica Beach